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The time has come to sell about 95% of my collection of pots and antiques dating from 10th century China to Ralph Bacerra. I will keep a few, place a few, and the rest are priced waiting for you. I will start by showing by appointment, to give serious collectors time to browse and make choices. Some pots will be put on ebay and some will go to major auction houses. It took over 45 years to pick and choose this wonderful collection and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Please forward this to your mailing list and/or friends who also collect. Call or email for an appointment, I am here seven days a week. Below are a few. Thank you very much. tom
Home: 828-689-9430  Email:

Click Here for a video of the collection narrated by Tom.


Ralph Bacerra-2
Adrian Saxe-3
Don Reitz-2
Don Frith-3
David Shaner-
Heinos-14 small, 1 major bottle
David Nelson-4
Harvey Littlefield-1
Harrison McIntosh-1
David Shaner-7 yunomi, teapot, casserole, slab plate, cover-jar
Ken Ferguson-two small and one major Adam & Eve plate
Don Reitz-2
Jim & Nan Mckinnel-8
Oestrich-2 yunomis
Ruth Gowdy McKinley-2
Virginia Cartwright-1
David Leach-4
Johnnie Leach-2
St. Ives studio plate-1
Jim Malone-1 bowl
Linda Sikora-1
Mathew Metz-2
Mark Hewitt-4
Ban Kajitani-1
Michael Cardew-4
Shimaok-6 plates
Jack Troy-2 small
David Nelson-4
Donna Craven-3
Chris Gustin-1Michael Simon-3Sandy Simon-2
Robin Hopper-1
Wally Schwab-1
David Keator porcelain-1
Richard Aerni-1
Rick Hensley-12
Donna Polseno-2
Toshiko-1 major large bowl
Karen Karnes-2
Kim Ellington-4

sung, ming, ching, chinese, japanese, korean—many

19th century salt glazed: 20

Catawba Valley 20

525 gallon salt glazed acid jars-9

Realize by the time you read this, some will be sold.


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