Special Announcement - I am now selling small amounts of my porcelain from my studio, and pick up only. Ton orders can be made but again, pick up only. "My porcelain is new and improved, more plastic, easier to use, and slightly more refractory."  Also,"I want to thank Standard Ceramics Supply for investing in a magnetic screen that removes all iron particles from my porcelain. It is now smoother and free of iron spots caused from material preparation at the mines. Give it a try, there is no throwing porcelain better".
It has repeatedly been brought to my attention that SEATTLE POTTERY is advertising and selling a Turner porcelain and telling people it is mine. IT IS NOWHERE CLOSE TO MINE. I have asked him to stop several times and he refuses. Standard Ceramic Supply is the only company with permission to make my porcelain. Please pass the word. Thank you. Tom